By: Jennifer (Sumayah) Fayed

My loving husband
How are you?
Do you see?
Do you see me?
I need you!
Not only as my supporter but
As my partner in this life.
Don’t you see I am your wife!
You are always claiming I crave attention
But all I aim is for your affection.
Do you love me as a person?
Or do you see me as your
Social obligation?

My loving wife
How are you?
Do you see me?
Or are you caught up with just you?
I work and provide the best I can and all I get are
Un-reaching demands.
I married you to be my spouse not a
Greedy, ravenous louse.
You think that this dunya is what matters
But let me tell you honey, it seems that all you
Crave is money on that silver platter.
So when you ask for my affection make sure
That you know your intention for all I see is
A woman who has become a social obligation.