Poetry Canvas

A spot solely dedicated to poetry. Poetry either written by me or from regular readers of my blog. Please feel free to post your poetry that touches on women issues, islamic insight, or anything that has inspired your deepest thoughts and true essence and beauty of our deen.


7 Responses to “Intuitive Poetry”

  1. carimuslima Says:

    “I am Woman”

    By: Jennifer (Sumayah) Fayed

    I don’t need your remorse or sympathy

    I don’t have any regret or care on

    How society views me.

    I am no longer a statistic

    A toy for men to play with

    I know what I am worth

    I am beautiful just the way God made me

    I am a woman who is precious

    Not something to be fixed, sliced,

    Cut up and made to entice

    Since when does beauty only matter?

    I was raised and taught that

    Your mind is what flatters.

    I am sick… I am tired…

    Women are being abused all around

    I feel like I’m gonna drown!

    Set me free from this despair!

    Oh my God I swear!

    Free the people’s errs

    Why can’t they understand women?

    We are valuable precious beings

    We deserve to be treasured, appreciated

    And loved to a degree that lifts us

    From all the afflictions that we see!

    Then maybe somehow we can agree

    That I am a woman and I have dignity!

  2. carimuslima Says:

    “Deceptive Dunya”

    By:Jennifer (Sumayah) Fayed

    We fight and we strive
    We do our best to survive
    All the calamities that we see
    We do nothing but plea
    What have we done in His Name?
    Nothing, ourselves only to blame!
    We take little responsibility
    For our reckless activityOur Ummah is weak
    Only in vain do we speak
    We preach to others to be righteous,
    Conceal our devious actions,
    Fulfilling our own satisfactions,
    Consumed by mundane distractions.

    The guidance of Allah we ask for
    The door to His mercy
    Our heart implores.

    We prostrate to the floor
    In humble worship
    Hoping his forgiveness is in store
    The glad tidings of jannah we await
    We wake and realize
    That this is the last day
    Oh my… what will I say?
    We see ourselves being gathered
    In our minds we ponder
    What did we do for Allah?
    We were only concerned with our desires
    Taking account that we were liars
    Oh No…
    No time to negotiate!!!
    Oh No it is my turn!!!
    “Oh Allah, I ask Thee
    For Thou Rahma…
    Let me be among those….
    That smells the fragrance of Thy sweet abode
    Which Thou has bestowed…
    For the ones who reflect and know
    And worship Thee alone”.

    Our plea is useless and then He will ask
    What have you done for Thy sake?”

    For your benefit and mine
    I hope at least an atoms weight!
    For now it is just too late!

  3. carimuslima Says:

    “The Qur’an”

    By: Jennifer (Sumayah) Fayed

    It was an amazement that I cannot explain the words so true definitely not manmade each ayah I read I knew in my heart that Allah (swt) so High had revealed every part, the Qur’an is a guide that should not be denied if you do not read you will be left behind.

    It will help us achieve the life of the hereafter for eternity in jannah will bring us laughter.

    So when the month of Ramadan is near
    Don’t forget to read this book which is so dear. In it are vital lessons that will determine our succession as Muslims in this life and the day we will be questioned.
    So why not take it and read it without hesitation. For in it is the key for our success as a nation.

    Al-Qur’an it is called the words of my beloved Creator Every ayah, and surah made only by Him no one is greater No one but He, his name is Allah no partners has He, the One only true God.

  4. carimuslima Says:

    By: Jennifer (Sumayah) Fayed
    My loving husband
    How are you?
    Do you see?
    Do you see me?
    I need you!
    Not only as my supporter but
    As my partner in this life.
    Don’t you see I am your wife!
    You are always claiming I crave attention
    But all I aim is for your affection.
    Do you love me as a person?
    Or do you see me as your
    Social obligation?
    My loving wife
    How are you?
    Do you see me?
    Or are you caught up with just you?
    I work and provide the best I can and all I get are un-reaching demands.
    I married you to be my spouse not a
    Greedy, ravenous louse.
    You think that this dunya is what matters
    But let me tell you honey, it seems that all you crave is money on that silver platter.
    So when you ask for my affection make sure
    That you know your intention for all I see is a woman who has become a social obligation.

  5. carimuslima Says:

    “To Prejudice”

    By: Jennifer (Sumayah)Fayed

    You think you got the best of them
    Telling them how and what to think
    You’re a disease spreading like a
    Dough with yeast!
    I suffer everyday because of you
    In the train, on the street even at
    The park by Bleeker Street.

    I hate what you have done
    You have damaged and killed
    Many dreams, you have swept
    Many lives from the beginning
    Of time.

    You don’t got me and you never
    Will I just hope that the others will
    To prevail!

    You definitely have a place in history
    And I assure you that your lies and
    Conjectures will end permanently!

    You may die today or tomorrow
    And only you alone will be in sorrow
    You think you got the best of them
    But you will see; soon it will end
    And we will have victory.

  6. Hanna Says:

    Wonderful poems! you are very talented…mashallah

  7. aliyah Says:

    fa qul mashallah sis..u’ve got a talent here..

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