My poetry


Why do you hurt me?

Can’t you see through my eyes?

That I love you

Your emotions cold

And so bold towards me (more…)




My soul aches in sorrow

 You see… I was left in the unknown

In an endless valley

Thinking I was going to be embraced

But, struck on the face

How could this happen?

No chance to fight back.

Here I find myself in a sack

By the hands 

Of the one I love

~ ~~

In my womb

there’s a light

That deserved to shine bright

Now my glances

Only of a glove

As my lifeless body

Is dragged on the ground

 I am embodied with dirt

Praying to be found


I am becoming less alert

But still able to see

He has no remorse

Why not spare us?

Asked for a divorce?


My body feels cold

The thumps in my womb

 No longer resume

I can let go now

No need to strive

Or fight to survive


How could this happen?

I was so blind

Thinking he was kind

Now I lay here

Feeling less fear

I will rest now

In my shallow grave

No need to worry

My pain has ended


Please fight for me

And make them see

I lived a life of grace

That can’t be replaced.


(Dedicated to the women and families whose lives have been robbed by  those they trusted)


 You know you’re a mom if the dark circles under your eyes is not from partying but from sleep deprivation due to a crying child…..

You know you’re a mom if you suddenly run out of water in the mall and you drink from your child’s sippy cup…. (more…)


(I wrote this poem last night, I was reflecing on many things in my life and was inspired with this poem. Inshallah I hope you enjoy reading it.)

Life is a journey, long and bittersweet, holding thousands of secrets, beneath its sheets, wonders to explore, its endless treasures of grandeur, from the mysteries of the heavens, to the depth of the seas, all too vast for this capacity.

Life is a journey, starting as a granule of sand, sooner or later tasting the corruption of man, while strolling on the sandy shore pondering arises, prevalent trails emerge, footprints cascading, all molded by infinite crystals of sand, each one slightly unique, awaiting to be critiqued, some dissipate in the misty breeze, others fade into the foamy sea.

Life is a journey, imprints crystallized along the shore, some ancient others new, all carrying tales of their passage through.

By: Sumayah Fayed

We fight and we strive
We do our best to survive
All the calamities that we see
We do nothing but plea
What have we done in His Name?
Nothing, ourselves only to blame!
We take little responsibility
For our reckless activityOur Ummah is weak
Only in vain do we speak
We preach to others to be righteous,
Conceal our devious actions,
Fulfilling our own satisfactions,
Consumed by mundane distractions.

“I am Woman”

By: Jennifer (Sumayah) Fayed

I don’t need your remorse or sympathy

I don’t have any regret or care on

How society views me.

I am no longer a statistic

A toy for men to play with

I know what I am worth

I am beautiful just the way God made me

I am a woman who is precious

Not something to be fixed, sliced,

Cut up and made to entice

Since when does beauty only matter? (more…)

“The Qur’an”

By: Jennifer (Sumayah) Fayed

It was an amazement that I cannot explain the words so true definitely not manmade each ayah I read I knew in my heart that Allah (swt) so High had revealed every part, the Qur’an is a guide that should not be denied if you do not read you will be left behind.

It will help us achieve the life of the hereafter
For eternity in jannah will bring us laughter.
So when the month of Ramadan is near
Don’t forget to read this book which is so dear.

In it are vital lessons that will determine our succession
As Muslims in this life and the day we will be
So why not take it and read it without hesitation.
For in it is the key for our success as a nation.

Al-Qur’an it is called the words of my beloved Creator
Every ayah, and surah made only by Him no one is greater  No one but He, his name is Allah no partners has He, the One only true God.

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