As days pass and years roll it doesn’t cease to suprise me when I tune into the news I hear of another terrorist plot to harm innocent civilians. It doesn’t shock me anymore. I think I’ve become unresponsive when they report the latest occurances in the world. I feel horrible that I have become this way. I know what they will say next in their reporting. “This is an outrage, we must protect our borders, end illegal immigration” and the one I’m already used too “We are on alert color yellow, orange…com’on is there a blue in there by any chance…let’s get real here. You know sometimes I feel we’re lab rats who are in science experiments. We can never completely be off-guard.   (more…)

As some of you may know I have my Mother in law visiting this week so due to my busy schedule I will be MIA ;). She is everything I expected and even more. She is sweeter than honey Walahi!!!!! I love her so much and am very grateful to Allah (swt) that he gave me this beautiful family.  I want to dedicate my full time to her since she came from overseas and have four years of catching up to do. I will keep my notepad as usual to write anything that inspires me this week to put on the blog inshallah.

 Jazak Allah Khairan for all your beautiful comments my dear brothers and sisters in Islam you are all in my heart. May Allah keep us all in strong faith and health. Amin

Inshallah I will be back writing by this following Saturday. If any of you have any poems you would like to add to the poetry page please share it on the blog.

I love you all for the sake of Allah.

Signing Off,

Sumayah (Jen)