Sporadic Rants

This definitely was a tough weekend for us. It was a normal Sunday until about 1pm that afternoon. Hubby was watching his Sunday football and the girls and I were in my bedroom. When Alia decided it would be fun to roll on my bed….and like she usually does ignored my constant scolding of “Stop it you’re gonna get hurt!” Of coure nothing usually happens well at least nothing dramatic, that is until today. (more…)

The mysterious knight that stole your heart has left you with only his tracks of dust which dissipate quickly once you lose sight of him. It has taken quite sometime to heal from those inner wounds. Your dark and handsome knight discarded you because you suddenly weren’t good enough for him. (more…)

As days pass and years roll it doesn’t cease to suprise me when I tune into the news I hear of another terrorist plot to harm innocent civilians. It doesn’t shock me anymore. I think I’ve become unresponsive when they report the latest occurances in the world. I feel horrible that I have become this way. I know what they will say next in their reporting. “This is an outrage, we must protect our borders, end illegal immigration” and the one I’m already used too “We are on alert color yellow, orange…com’on is there a blue in there by any chance…let’s get real here. You know sometimes I feel we’re lab rats who are in science experiments. We can never completely be off-guard.   (more…)

Having the most expensive or lavish wedding has become a fiasco lately. Many Muslims have taken this blessed day to be a day to impress people instead of pleasing Allah (swt). What this brother lighheartedly jokes about is the reality for many people in today’s society. I just like the way he said it because its a true fact that many have adopted. It’s become an obsession for many families and pressure for the brothers/sisters who try to meet these demands. 

 I would have to say that I’ve been a very busy spider throughout this summer. I was surfing the internet and came across this childhood book on www.babycenter.com (trying to find potty training materials). The book  I came across is an oldtime classic “The Very Busy Spider” by Eric Carle. The first thing that passed my mind was “I’m definitely a busy spider”. 


As Americans our accent is a dead give-away when traveling abroad, but for those who don’t know, we also have different accents regionally. There is of course North Eastern accent for example: cawfee (for coffee), Southern Y’all (for you all) , Mid-Western, Western, and ur Valley girl.

 Umm Yusuf sent this link to me and just took it LOL…. It’s pretty accurate with me considering I was born and raised in NY and then lived in Florida for 4 yrs of highschool and now in the Carolinas hehehe….

Check out my breakdown: Hey I still have 25% of my Yankiness hehehehhe 😉 and that Dixiness from my Floridian days hehehhe…. love the Sunshine state. and overall totally American accent LOL. This was fun!!!!! 

 Hey and look its the statue of liberty in my hometown of NYC 😉 Take the linguistic test and see what your American English you speak!!

Your Linguistic Profile:

45% General American English

25% Yankee

20% Dixie

5% Upper Midwestern

0% Midwestern

What Kind of American English Do You Speak?

Patience is a virtue that is expressed at the time of hardship. Patience is defined in the dictionary as bearing pains or trials calmly and without complaint and manifesting forbearance under provocation or strain. Ok so I think I was at wits end with all the afternoon thunderstorms we’ve had this week. The lack of outdoor fun has had the girls very rambunctious and at each others throats which has left me exhausted sore, and crying for help. (more…)


Umm Yusuf I just had to make this a post from your entry on There’s No Place like Home I never saw Green Acres, but girl that intro  couldn’t be more right on LOL… That’s exactly what happend to me I left my Big Apple for the country life.  ;) Thanks for sending me the link.


I just had to share this video from youtube so ya’ll can get a laugh as well 😉 


During these past 3 days now, I’ve been anxious, stressed, exhausted, but happy at the same time (will explain this shortly 😉 ). On Monday of this week I went to pick up my seven year old daughter from the airport who will be spending the summer with us. My son also seven was supposed to arrive with her, but  had to attend summer school and will come at the end of the month. I have a total of four beautiful children from ages two through seven years of age (A little something you may not have known).   (more…)

So here we go again, another terrorist attack almost two years later from the anniversary of the London bombings. Extreme (so-called) Muslims almost manifested their mission of killing more innocent civilians. Thinking, that was the end of it and maybe there would be no other instances of terrorizing people, this past Saturday two individuals exploded a vehicle into Glasglow’s airport in Scotland. The two acts of terror were concluded to be related. So what’s to come next?  (more…)

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