This definitely was a tough weekend for us. It was a normal Sunday until about 1pm that afternoon. Hubby was watching his Sunday football and the girls and I were in my bedroom. When Alia decided it would be fun to roll on my bed….and like she usually does ignored my constant scolding of “Stop it you’re gonna get hurt!” Of coure nothing usually happens well at least nothing dramatic, that is until today. (more…)

My beloved children both my son and daughter returned back to New York yesterday. This has been a bittersweet summer to say the least. I learned many things about motherhood, patience, and tolerance. It’s definitely not easy being a mother of 4 on a fulltime basis. I have no idea how moms do it everyday, every second of their lives juggling responsibilities as a mother and wife. (more…)

As days pass and years roll it doesn’t cease to suprise me when I tune into the news I hear of another terrorist plot to harm innocent civilians. It doesn’t shock me anymore. I think I’ve become unresponsive when they report the latest occurances in the world. I feel horrible that I have become this way. I know what they will say next in their reporting. “This is an outrage, we must protect our borders, end illegal immigration” and the one I’m already used too “We are on alert color yellow, orange…com’on is there a blue in there by any chance…let’s get real here. You know sometimes I feel we’re lab rats who are in science experiments. We can never completely be off-guard.   (more…)

As a reminder for all of us, both parents, soon-to-be parents, and the ummah. 😉


Why do you hurt me?

Can’t you see through my eyes?

That I love you

Your emotions cold

And so bold towards me (more…)

Patience is a virtue that is expressed at the time of hardship. Patience is defined in the dictionary as bearing pains or trials calmly and without complaint and manifesting forbearance under provocation or strain. Ok so I think I was at wits end with all the afternoon thunderstorms we’ve had this week. The lack of outdoor fun has had the girls very rambunctious and at each others throats which has left me exhausted sore, and crying for help. (more…)



My soul aches in sorrow

 You see… I was left in the unknown

In an endless valley

Thinking I was going to be embraced

But, struck on the face

How could this happen?

No chance to fight back.

Here I find myself in a sack

By the hands 

Of the one I love

~ ~~

In my womb

there’s a light

That deserved to shine bright

Now my glances

Only of a glove

As my lifeless body

Is dragged on the ground

 I am embodied with dirt

Praying to be found


I am becoming less alert

But still able to see

He has no remorse

Why not spare us?

Asked for a divorce?


My body feels cold

The thumps in my womb

 No longer resume

I can let go now

No need to strive

Or fight to survive


How could this happen?

I was so blind

Thinking he was kind

Now I lay here

Feeling less fear

I will rest now

In my shallow grave

No need to worry

My pain has ended


Please fight for me

And make them see

I lived a life of grace

That can’t be replaced.


(Dedicated to the women and families whose lives have been robbed by  those they trusted)

I have often been asked why I go by the name of Sumayah. I have never changed my name officially to Sumayah; however, this is the name I use when I write. I first came across the name of Sumayah when I first embraced Islam. I read the biography of this great woman. I was astonished by all the hardships she encountered for the sake of Allah (swt). I never forgot the significance behind her persona and name. (more…)

When some of us think of Friday, we sometimes associate this day as “The Day” to sit down on that heavenly lounge chair, sip a nice cup of coffee or tea and lift our feet and know that you could care less what your boss wants you to do. This is the day where all worries from the week have been kicked up to the following Monday or Tuesday or whatever day just as long as you don’t have to think about it on Friday. This is the onset of the great weekend that you’ve been planning for since the beginning of the week. A day of fun, partying, vacationing, or just enjoying the time with family and friends. (more…)

During these past 3 days now, I’ve been anxious, stressed, exhausted, but happy at the same time (will explain this shortly 😉 ). On Monday of this week I went to pick up my seven year old daughter from the airport who will be spending the summer with us. My son also seven was supposed to arrive with her, but  had to attend summer school and will come at the end of the month. I have a total of four beautiful children from ages two through seven years of age (A little something you may not have known).   (more…)

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