This definitely was a tough weekend for us. It was a normal Sunday until about 1pm that afternoon. Hubby was watching his Sunday football and the girls and I were in my bedroom. When Alia decided it would be fun to roll on my bed….and like she usually does ignored my constant scolding of “Stop it you’re gonna get hurt!” Of coure nothing usually happens well at least nothing dramatic, that is until today.

Only this time she rolled herself off the bed and hit the hardrive of the pc or the computer chair (not sure which one). The point is I saw a speck of blood fall to the carpet and when I lifted Alia,  her whole mouth was full of blood only to see a 2cm slice on the side of her mouth and blood gushing all over her… and our planned fun filled Sunday of watching football and playing ball at the park was unfortunately replaced with my poor 3 yr old gushing blood from not only that 2cm slice, but to my dismay she had an inch long slice inside her cheek and rushed her to the urgent care clinic… where we spent the whole day, and my sweet acrobat ended up with 2 stitches and a swollen cheek the size of a golf ball. That’s pretty much how we spent our  Sunday. 

 I was terrified to see my little girl hurt that way and to see the stitches being put into her mouth OMG just broke my heart. Today is the first day after her stitches were put in, and  I’m not sure if she’s being really strong or just hiding the fact that she’s in pain thinking that we’ll take her back to the dr. but she’s handling it better than what I thought Praise be to God. The doc. also prescribed antibiotics for her just in case an infection decides to linger in her mouth, and she’s on a strict liquid-mush diet for the next wk. I’ll save you most of the drama-filled day just because I feel I’m reliving it all over again, but all is well now and although her swelling has gone down to about the size of a fig I’m still quite shaken from all of it. I drank so many cups of chamomile tea last night that by the time I was done with my last cup I could barely keep my eyes open. Later that night, I  had a dream that I was hugging and kissing her nonstop and held her sooo close nothing would ever harm her…. talk about being a mom.  I’m telling you,  kids sure do the darnest things, and know how to make your heart jump right out of your chest, but I also realized that I was being too hard on myself, and came to this conclusion.

In this life we go through so many things, things that affect us both indirectly and on a personal level, and although you many have seen it a thousand times on television or on a perfect stranger nothing compares to living it yourself upfront and uncensored. I also came to accept that yes kids do sometimes get cuts, scrapes, stitches and even broken bones but none of that means that you’re a bad mother. Things happen, and sometimes it’s just out of our hands and all we can do is make it better for our angels, because Lord knows this is by far the hardest job we will ever have in this life.