August 2007

My beloved children both my son and daughter returned back to New York yesterday. This has been a bittersweet summer to say the least. I learned many things about motherhood, patience, and tolerance. It’s definitely not easy being a mother of 4 on a fulltime basis. I have no idea how moms do it everyday, every second of their lives juggling responsibilities as a mother and wife. (more…)


Charlotte’s record-setting heat wave could add another chapter to the history book today, with forecasters expecting temperatures to vault over the 100-degree mark yet again.

And the previously forecast “relief” this weekend might not be such a break, after all.

High temperature records have been set four days this month already, and a fifth mark is possible this afternoon. Yet another record will be threatened Friday.

Forecasters are predicting a high of 101 degrees today in Charlotte, which is near the Aug. 16 record of 102 degrees, set in 1954. Friday’s forecast high is 97, which would equal the record of the day, set in 1911.

A daily record was set Wednesday, with Charlotte’s 99-degree high. That broke the mark of 97, set in 1923.

It’s the same old story for our region.

High pressure is dominating much of the South, pushing temperatures at or above the 100-degree mark. A cold front is forecast to push into the region Friday, and that could set off thunderstorms in the drought-stricken region.

But the cold front won’t do much to cool temperatures.

Forecasters originally thought high temperatures would be pushed back into the upper 80s from Saturday into next week, but they now say the 90s will continue to dominate. Highs could reach the middle 90s Saturday and will be in the lower 90s Sunday.

The only change in the forecast will be welcome — a 30 percent chance of afternoon thunderstorms Saturday, Sunday, Monday and next Wednesday.


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 With the crazy temperatures we’ve had all week ranging from 100-120 degrees (F).  I just needed something pleasant and refreshing to daydream about. So I found this great article on why Iced Tea or “Sweet Tea” is so famous and popular in the south. So for all of us Dixies me included even if its only a quarter of a percentage…I thought this would be a fun read and we get to learn the background behind this great beverage. Ce la Vie…

“It’s rough. It’s been rough on that food. (more…)

The mysterious knight that stole your heart has left you with only his tracks of dust which dissipate quickly once you lose sight of him. It has taken quite sometime to heal from those inner wounds. Your dark and handsome knight discarded you because you suddenly weren’t good enough for him. (more…)

As days pass and years roll it doesn’t cease to suprise me when I tune into the news I hear of another terrorist plot to harm innocent civilians. It doesn’t shock me anymore. I think I’ve become unresponsive when they report the latest occurances in the world. I feel horrible that I have become this way. I know what they will say next in their reporting. “This is an outrage, we must protect our borders, end illegal immigration” and the one I’m already used too “We are on alert color yellow, orange…com’on is there a blue in there by any chance…let’s get real here. You know sometimes I feel we’re lab rats who are in science experiments. We can never completely be off-guard.   (more…)

This Spanish Video is talking about Hispanic Muslims in the United States. I hope that all the Latinos who have a misconception about Islam will have a better understanding of my religion. This excerpt is from Telemundo. Que Disfruten….


This video is in English focusing on Hispanics converting to Islam. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I saw it. This post was inspired by Umm Yusuf’s post on Latino Muslims Growing in Number in the USA. Jazak Allah Khairan Sis.