Why do you hurt me?

Can’t you see through my eyes?

That I love you

Your emotions cold

And so bold towards me

All I do is love you

And you mistreat me like this 

Why do I take your dis?

I try to get close to you

Why push me away?


My heart sways back and forth

Not knowing if your love is true

You don’t value my worth

Can’t believe I called you my boo

Maybe its time for me to leave

Not look back and wonder

TheWhat if’s… 


I’ve done my time and grieved

You’re nothing more than a stranger

A mere soul consumed by your anger

My tears roll down my face

Thinking of the time

That will never be replaced

Your touch, your face

To much for me to bear

Because you’ve made it clear

That you just don’t care 


Just let me go

I can’t take it anymore

I’m at my wits end

Open the door and let me go

Let me be free

So I can see

What real love means

My heart is aching

Just let me be

Let me flee

To arms of someone…

Who will love me.