So here we go again, another terrorist attack almost two years later from the anniversary of the London bombings. Extreme (so-called) Muslims almost manifested their mission of killing more innocent civilians. Thinking, that was the end of it and maybe there would be no other instances of terrorizing people, this past Saturday two individuals exploded a vehicle into Glasglow’s airport in Scotland. The two acts of terror were concluded to be related. So what’s to come next?  As Muslims, we pray and hope when we hear about these atrocities that it wasn’t from the hands of a Muslim. Unfortunately, it seems that these acts were from Extremists who call themselves Muslims. When I heard and watched what was going on last weekend, I wasn’t shocked, but had some outrage that these people continue to strive to hurt innocent people. I guess, I’m already used to hearing and watching these reports. I just say “Here we go again, another rough day to encounter”. I was expecting the worst from people in my city. The city has become quite diverse in the past three years which has made things easier; however, we always seem to encounter those few individuals who stare and feed off hate. I was expecting the worst going to the airport yesterday after all the turmoil that ocurred this weekend. I prepared to be searched and treated unfairly and have all eyes on me. I couldn’t be more wrong.

I was amazed Alhamdulilah how people really were helpful and unbiased going through security check points. If anything I had passengers help me organize my things to pass through the x-ray machine, and smiled and said hi and made small talk. In the most part, I didn’t feel tension. Of course, there were a few who stared and whispered to each other, but I am happy to report that this experience has really shown me how much people have open their minds and hearts to Muslims in the city. A city that most people associated Muslim with terrorism. I am proud that my city of Charlotte, NC has in fact become diverse and learned not to play-in all the widespread propoganda of these terrorist attacks.

I think they have noticed that although there are Muslims who have hijacked the true meaning of our religion they have come to terms that a few bad apples doesn’t mean that the whole barrel is rotten. I was pleased, and content that Allah made this trip to the airport a pleasant and relaxing one. I walked into the airport like usual expecting the worst (just my way of not being disappointed if things don’t go well). I really think that the citizens of Charlotte have come a long way, and have become people who see past the scarf and the bearded brother. It seems they have taken the time to do their homework and know the basics of our religion. Mashallah, I applaud the employees of Charlotte International Airport. One of the few times that I felt normal and not a stranger in a strange land which  I call home.

I realized that life has its challenges and yes, we at times go through discrimination, and injustices living in western society; however, living in this society also has its perks. I have great pride living in this country and yesterday it  illuminated the core beliefs for which this country was founded on. What I experienced demonstrated the true ideals that so many in the world portray it to mean. On the eve of the fourth of July (Independence Day) I am honored to be associated with the community. The United States is made up of all races, ethnicities, religions, and cultures that make it the melting pot of the world. I’m one of those faces that makes that blend. This is a direct relation to what the founders envisioned. A home where there would be liberty and justice for all. Yesterday, it manifested that principle and today I am proud to say, I am an American Muslim living in that land that still holds the ideals of justice and liberty for all.