June 2007

I may be slightly out of fashion, unaware of many new trends; but it seems I was the only one out of the loop when I stumbled on male belly dancers. Are you kidding me? LOL….. I came across a video online on youtube that had a very famous Egyptian male belly dancer. Out of curiosity I wanted to check it out. I mean I have been trying to learn belly dancing and took few classes a few years ago. This might be entertaining right? A man swinging his hips from side to side. Maybe even sensuous *blushing*. (more…)

No one said being a Muslim in the United States would be easy. I have encountered my share of discrimination and stares. One thing that I have never felt is censored being an American Muslim. That all changed a few days ago when I said what was on my mind without thinking of its repercussions. (more…)

Have you ever met a person that you believed was your missing half? Sometimes it’s your soul mate, or best friend, in this instance it’s my mother-in-law. I have to admit, I was sweating bullets thinking about her arrival, pleasing her, and making everything perfect.  

Like the typical daughter-in-law, I feared the worst, her disapproval. To my astonishment, when we first met I was greeted with a tight warm hug and many I love you’s and oh yeah did I forget to mention those Egyptian countless kisses, from cheek to cheek LOL…This lovely woman that I waited sooo…. long to meet was beyond whatever I imagined. The affections I experienced this past week are difficult to put into words. 


As some of you may know I have my Mother in law visiting this week so due to my busy schedule I will be MIA ;). She is everything I expected and even more. She is sweeter than honey Walahi!!!!! I love her so much and am very grateful to Allah (swt) that he gave me this beautiful family.  I want to dedicate my full time to her since she came from overseas and have four years of catching up to do. I will keep my notepad as usual to write anything that inspires me this week to put on the blog inshallah.

 Jazak Allah Khairan for all your beautiful comments my dear brothers and sisters in Islam you are all in my heart. May Allah keep us all in strong faith and health. Amin

Inshallah I will be back writing by this following Saturday. If any of you have any poems you would like to add to the poetry page please share it on the blog.

I love you all for the sake of Allah.

Signing Off,

Sumayah (Jen)

As an American Muslim, living in the states sure has its challenges. One of these hurdles is wearing the hijab. I stand out in a crowd wherever I go. It may be the mall, supermarket, park, you name it the chances of there being another hijabi in that place is slim to none…well that is if the other hijabi isn’t out on the stroll of town with me LOL. Since I moved to the south I have to say three years ago, I felt like a needle in a haystack in my city. The fact, that I moved out of New York City was terrifying for me. I had a large Islamic community to fall back on and many activities within the Islamic community. It was different here in the south at that time. (more…)

Have you ever heard the phrase “Money can’t buy love” well it sure buys people green cards. This isn’t something new that has creeped up on us. It’s been going on for decades. I would say that people are beginning to catch on and are more alert about the situation of people using love to get their green cards. 


I was thinking of a new section called “Science in Islam”. There has been so many scientific facts that have been proved in both the twentieth and twenty-first century that confirm the hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

We don’t need all these proofs to confirm what he has already told us for we already know he only spoke the truth. I just thought it would be interesting and nice to include fun facts to show these proofs which were mentioned over 1400 years ago; where there were no science labs or technology to solve many scientific facts.


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