This was sent to me by one of my friends this morning. So I thought to share it with you because sometimes we all need a hug.  You might be thinking this is way to lovey dovey which would be more appropiate in the hippy era. LOL…..

In reality, we all need a hug at some point or another and this is a great reminder of that. The touch of another human being in moments of joy, sadness, encouragement, concern, sympathy, and love. The non-verbal  communication of a hug holds a key part in our human existance, it’s one of the ways that keeps us close during times of difficulty. When arms circle and embrace another human being a bond is created between those two souls. It demonstrates that they care and are concerned about you. This is how I felt when I watched it this morning. It was ironic receiving this e-mail because I soon read another e-mail sent to me mentioning the loss of a Muslim sister, I am acquanted with. What made it more meaningful and personal is how I discovered this weekend that someone in my family is sick and has to undergo treatments that may or may not save their life. This was particularly difficult for me to hear because this person is undergoing the trial alone. No family to protect and offer moral support. 

In difficult times like these it’s incumbent to have someone to lean on for emotional support, where sometimes words don’t bring comfort, but the touch of the one you love says things that are indescribable. A hug, an action that binds the love of two souls and strengthens the bond of kinship and friendship.

May you all find comfort in watching it and take something with you that will prompt you to take action when you are with someone who is facing a calamity.

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