(I wrote this poem last night, I was reflecing on many things in my life and was inspired with this poem. Inshallah I hope you enjoy reading it.)

Life is a journey, long and bittersweet, holding thousands of secrets, beneath its sheets, wonders to explore, its endless treasures of grandeur, from the mysteries of the heavens, to the depth of the seas, all too vast for this capacity.

Life is a journey, starting as a granule of sand, sooner or later tasting the corruption of man, while strolling on the sandy shore pondering arises, prevalent trails emerge, footprints cascading, all molded by infinite crystals of sand, each one slightly unique, awaiting to be critiqued, some dissipate in the misty breeze, others fade into the foamy sea.

Life is a journey, imprints crystallized along the shore, some ancient others new, all carrying tales of their passage through.