I may be slightly out of fashion, unaware of many new trends; but it seems I was the only one out of the loop when I stumbled on male belly dancers. Are you kidding me? LOL….. I came across a video online on youtube that had a very famous Egyptian male belly dancer. Out of curiosity I wanted to check it out. I mean I have been trying to learn belly dancing and took few classes a few years ago. This might be entertaining right? A man swinging his hips from side to side. Maybe even sensuous *blushing*.

I couldn’t be more wrong!!!!! How disgusting and repulsive was this so-called male belly dancer. It wasn’t attractive nor entertaining. Well ok honestly it was entertaining. I was watching a monkey twirl around as if he was going to receive a banana as a treat in the end. He looked like a woman. Can you believe that?! A pure woman. The moves, the  finger zills (symbols), the anklet, the shimmy everything about his whole soiree was completely feminine. All he needed was a wig and makeup and call it a day. What I found apalling was the crowd of women cheering and hollering for him. Is this what we have resorted to for visual pleasure, cheap cabaret-like entertainment. I thought this was something new, well it was new to me; however, it seems everyone knew about this and I was of course still in the dark about this whole new phenomenon, and oh yea many men LOL…. What did those women find attractive about this man? Shaking his thang? Not for me, I quickly stopped the video and couldn’t believe what I had seen. He was imitating women, not masculine at all.

Ok, so obviously this isn’t my cup of tea and my idea of a thrill. This video did shed light on one aspect.  (Com’on guys you really didn’t think I was just going to rant about this video and not include something beneficial in this post did you?! 😉 ) It really had me reflect on the hadith that was narrated as following:

Ibn Abbas said : “The Prophet cursed those men who act like women, and women who act like men. In other narrations: The Prophet said: ‘Allaah curses the female who acts like a man’. Abu Huriarah said: ‘The Prophet cursed the man who dresses like a woman. and a woman who dresses like a man’.”  (Al-Bukhari, AbuDawud)

All I said was “Subhanallah” everyday we lose a little more of our identity as a nation. Men acting like women, and women acting like men. Did these people really think about that before putting on this show, or attending these masquerades? Well if these are the new trends I’m missing, leave me deep within the dark cave. I don’t mind being out of the loop then.  😉