Have you ever heard the phrase “Money can’t buy love” well it sure buys people green cards. This isn’t something new that has creeped up on us. It’s been going on for decades. I would say that people are beginning to catch on and are more alert about the situation of people using love to get their green cards. 

The fact that there are so many people from foreign countries suffering economic hardships, it’s no wonder why they will invest their life savings to come into the United States. There are families who will do just about anything to bring over their loved ones or for some, they would do just about anything to stay in America. The fastest way for them would of course be a “Green Card Marriage”. There are parties who are honest about the whole situation and agree on a financial compensation that fits their requirements. The one’s we will talk about today our those deceitful individuals who fool men and women into lies of love, in an effort to attain the green card. Now I want to clarify that both ways are illegal and a federal felony in the U.S. government, however the fact that there is little if any physical danger prowls on many to pursue this crime of fraud.

This phenomen has become evidently more prevalent after 9/11. The fact that immigration laws have toughened have driven many to deceive innocent victims to acquire the desire to live out the American dream. In their hunt for the green card these criminals prey on innocent victims by using an emotional tactic which is gaining trust of the person they want to use as their tool for their personal gain. These actors use the technique of falling in love. Of course, they’re not the one’s in love…well yes they are for the green card that is; on the other hand, the victim has been fooled and has surely falled head over heels for the man/woman.  

After careful emotional games the hunter has caught his prey, and closed the deal by marrying the person. In many of these marriages, In my experience I have heard the sad stories of betrayal caused by these criminals. The most common scenario I have heard is how this person has changed in the marriage. Some have become abusive, or out of tune within the marriage, the act of careless adultery as a means to get out of the marriage, and in some cases it’s been all three. Authubilahi, how can people be so cruel and numb in this world. 

By the time the person wakes up and realizes they have been fooled for a piece of paper of residency it’s too late and the damage has already been done, and they are left as victims of “Green card marriages”. Many of these victims are left battered, depressed, betrayed and go on to have lack of trust in people they associate with; who can blame them. I know I would feel this way after a scam of this nature. The marks of abuse that are left behind are inner scars of emotional and psychological abuse.

This is a growing trend that is affecting new converts in Islam. It’s one thing that non-Muslims do it (obviously wrong). The most dispicable thing is that there are deceitful Muslims out there who prey on converts of Islam because they are naive and trust that all Muslims are good-intentioned. If you don’t have a strong support network (friends, family, etc) you will likely find yourself a “sitting duck” with lions waiting to prey on you. This is a reality that  many converts in Islam are experiencing. This also occurs in many Muslim families who think that the person is a good Muslim for their son or daughter only to find out after a few years that they were fooled also into the green card marriage scheme.

 So what are some ways to protect ourselves against these devious criminals?

Well, there are ways to protect yourself against green card marriage.

1. Use extreme caution or avoid online matrimonial and dating sites. (It’s an easier tool for criminals to hide behind cyber space. A big red flag for both physical safety and scams)  

2.. Ask the the person the right questions when involved with them. Don’t be shy to ask about their nationality, and resident status in your country.

3. Inconsistency in the person’s story. (Things don’t make sense, don’t check out once researched all red flags)

 4.  Secretative & Unusual behavior. (Watch out if things are moving very fast in the relationship)

5.  Ask around about the person. (You’ll be surprised how much people actually know about someone)  

6. If the person seems to good to be true. (Remember we’re not perfect. In the infatuation period of a relationship we are often blinded in seeing people’s true colors)

7. Pay attention to your instinct. (If you have that gut feeling something is not right listen to it most of the time our gut feeling is the correct one)

 These are just some tips that are common sense in protecting ourselves from fraudulent marriages. 

 Fake marriages of this type are harder to detect due to the conman’s deceitful tactics using lies of love.  

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