I’m sipping on my morning cup of java doing my usual routine….sitting on the pc and watching the latest in news on the web… but while doing all these day to day commonalities I have one thought and one thought only, it hit me….“Oh My God I’m Going To Meet My Mother In Law”!!!!!!!! State of panic and shock is  creeping up on me now.

I’ve been waiting for this moment for almost 4 yrs now, next week will be the big day. The day I meet one of my in-laws. You would think 4yrs is plenty of time to prepare for that major “Meet the Parents” moment. But if any of you have seen Monster in Law with Jennifer Lopez you would see why I’m panicked, anxious, excited, and plain out right horrified!!!

 I mean why all these emotions I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to her so many times and she really is a sweet, loving, and cookie-cut mother in law. She is a perfect portrait of what everyone wishes their mother in law would be. But still my question why all this ANXIETY!!!!!!

Ok yes I did have an awful experience the first time around in my first marriage, the lady hated my guts completely from day 1. She was bitter, coniving, and refused to share her son with anyone. Sounds a lot like a monster in law in my opinion. To be honest I think I might screw this up some way when I meet my new in law. I have enough pressure that she’s Middle Eastern; and me coming from the West well lets be honest we’re seen as obnoxious, loud, rude, spoiled people. So does she really think this too?

All these thoughts are running through my mind 24-7 as the day gets closer. I’ve started cleaning every nick and cranny of  the house making sure she has a clean and tidy house to come too, even thinking of what to wear on that big day, what to make for breakfast when she arrives, for lunch, dinner even a dessert. I want to make everything perfect for her not because I don’t want her to think badly of me (which subconciously might be another reason 😉 ) but because she is so sweet and loving and she deserves the best. The best of me in all aspects. She never gave me a reason to think of her in a different light. I hear so many horror stories of how East in laws meet West wives and husbands, and most of the stories from my friends are horrifying. So horrifying that one of them had their mother in law tell them flat out that they didn’t want their son married to a Western girl :-O !!!


So now reflecting on my past experience and horrific stories from my friends its no wonder I’m terrified. I mean wouldn’t you? I mean, here you have 2 women who love one man differently but who love him and want to make him happy. So I guess instinctively, it’s definitely a tug of war of who loves him most. Well like in the movie Monster in Law I watched it enough to know that sooner or later differences will be settled and even if there is dislike among each other there is one common denominator they both love this one man  who you have to admit is stuck in the middle of two overly zealous characters of women.

So in the end I will pray it all works out and who said that my first mishap would happen again. She hasn’t given me any reason to judge her wrongly. As a matter of fact, she has even said she loves me and I’m her daughter, and if her son happens to do anything dumb she will set him straight LOL. Not many mother in laws do that, right? So why all the fuss…why all the tension…inshallah I have nothing to worry about she is a human being just like me; a woman who has emotions just like we all do. So instead of putting all this pressure on myself.  I’ll just go with the flow, as they say, and who knows here I am obsessing over whether she will like me or not in person. I mean she might be battling the same emotions as me. So in the end, inshallah I will meet her and I’ll be myself no impressive interview moves here. Just me, a Western Muslim woman, whose simple, independent, sincere, who loves her son dearly, and has added 2 beautiful girls to the family. Co’mon isn’t that what made her love me  from day one “me” so no hoaxes or polishing here. It’s very simplistic just be yourself and everything will follow along.