When something happens to an individual it’s no wonder that they yearn for that “something more” in their life. I had the pleasure of meeting two wonderful people yesterday that left me with an impacted impression about them… Although we didn’t go into great detail about each others pasts. I could sense and see the hurt and sadness within them. They’ve been here in the states for about a year now, and it’s obvious how much they miss their homeland.

 *Giselle and Ahmed have gone through so much in their life that they ultimately decided to settle here in the states. Giselle gave me some insight to one of their saddest days that happened quite recently and who can blame her, losing a son is devastating especially when he had a bright future ahead of him and a career waiting to unravel. He was suddenly murdered and for a woman who seems to be very strong and determined the grief in those brown eyes were very prevalent. She is a sweet lady, I quickly found out one who strongly believes that things aren’t just coincidence but fate.

 Ahmed her son who is with her, encouraged her to come to the states as this was Yusuf’s plan before passing away. Yusuf had received acceptance to a university where he was planning to achieve his degree.

 Giselle accepted her son’s request and now living here in the states for about a year now its no wonder that fate brought us together.

You see she and I are from the same country even though I was born and raised in New York City I’m a first generation from my family. Giselle has been researching religions and different faiths most of her life but never had the possibility of learning about Islam. Well that all changed rapidly as coincidence if we wish to call it or destiny brought her to where my husband works, and this may not be shocking; however, he manages two retail stores and was asked to supervise the other store at the last minute on a Friday. She and her son Ahmed entered the store for what my husband thought was for service.  He soon discovered they wanted to know what As Salaam Walakium meant. He had responded by telling them that this meant Peace unto you. So they spoke and chatted for quite sometime in the store. Giselle soon found out that we come from the same country and background. An overjoyed Giselle and me *wink* (you see there aren’t many Dominicans in my city) quickly made plans to have a lunch-in at her home which took place this weekend.

 I learned many things yesterday. So far the most and important one,is that sometimes it takes a tragedy in our lives for us to really start examining what our purpose in this world really entails, and pondering why has God put us in this world. Yes, as a Muslim woman I know that we are here to worship Him in His oneness and do as God has commanded us to do.

That’s easy to see, but it goes deeper than that, which is what I have learned. I realized that Allah has brought this prominent woman from my home country and I to meet not just to be friend’s but also to see how much I have retained in my knowledge of Him and what my belief teaches me. As this journey blooms, I can only speculate what awaits in the future but whatever the outcome, my duty is to do the best I can to convey the  message of our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and what a beautiful and magnificant way than Allah (Glorifed be He) bringing someone into my life that not only reminds me so much of myself when I was searching for something more in my life, but the miracle of how He the Creator of all that exists has brought two women together in the midst of this spacious and vast earth.

Why me? Why has he chosen me to help her learn about Islam? When there are so many more knowledgeable individuals out there who would in my opinion do a better job….Only Allah (swt) knows for sure. 

As this chapter in my life begins to untwine I am certain of one thing. My task is to show her Islam through my actions and my knowledge of it and her decision to accept it or deny it is solely up to her. As Islam is a religion that is spread not through compulsion. It is a faith that not only binds Muslims through the same belief, but what makes Islam unique from all faiths young and old is that it is a way of life, and it speaks through our daily actions. This in my opinion, is the ultimate way for showing our brothers and sisters the essence and beauty of our faith because it wasn’t sent just to a tribe, but it was sent to all tribes and nations – humanity the one thing that unites us for we are all sons and daughters of Adam (pbuh).

*Names have been changed