May 2007

I listened to a great lecture last night that was entitled “Islam & Dating” now before you jump the gun…It wasn’t about Muslims dating out of wedlock, but the contrary how once we are married how imperative it is to continue dating your husband or wife.

Although it was about a thirty minute lecture it had a strong message. I thought to myself, (more…)

Born and raised in the city known as the Big Apple also addressed as a big melting pot of different races and cultures; I never faced discrimination from others except my own. I remember moments when I was younger that totally set me apart from my Dominican associates, but for the most part, I blended in and felt like I belonged to society. 

I was usually mistaken for being (more…)

I’m sipping on my morning cup of java doing my usual routine….sitting on the pc and watching the latest in news on the web… but while doing all these day to day commonalities I have one thought and one thought only, it hit me…. (more…)

When something happens to an individual it’s no wonder that they yearn for that “something more” in their life. I had the pleasure of meeting two wonderful people yesterday that left me with an impacted impression about them… (more…)