By: Sumayah Fayed

We fight and we strive
We do our best to survive
All the calamities that we see
We do nothing but plea
What have we done in His Name?
Nothing, ourselves only to blame!
We take little responsibility
For our reckless activityOur Ummah is weak
Only in vain do we speak
We preach to others to be righteous,
Conceal our devious actions,
Fulfilling our own satisfactions,
Consumed by mundane distractions.

The guidance of Allah we ask for
The door to His mercy
Our heart implores.

We prostrate to the floor
In humble worship
Hoping his forgiveness is in store
The glad tidings of jannah we await
We wake and realize
That this is the last day
Oh my… what will I say?
We see ourselves being gathered
In our minds we ponder
What did we do for Allah?
We were only concerned with our desires
Taking account that we were liars
Oh No…
No time to negotiate!!!
Oh No it is my turn!!!
“Oh Allah, I ask Thee
For Thou Rahma…
Let me be among those….
That smells the fragrance of Thy sweet abode
Which Thou has bestowed…
For the ones who reflect and know
And worship Thee alone”.

Our plea is useless and then He will ask
What have you done for Thy sake?”

For your benefit and mine
I hope at least an atoms weight!
For now it is just too late!

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