June 2006

The Muslimah Writers Alliance Hunger Awareness Special Edition Newsletter is now available. Hunger affects all of humanity. It doesn’t discriminate against race, religion, or gender. There is someone right now suffering from hunger. Please remember not to waste food for there is someone out there who goes to sleep hungry. I hope you enjoy the newsletter.Please feel free to share pass this along MWA Hunger Awareness Special Edition Newsletter

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By: Sumayah Fayed

We fight and we strive
We do our best to survive
All the calamities that we see
We do nothing but plea
What have we done in His Name?
Nothing, ourselves only to blame!
We take little responsibility
For our reckless activityOur Ummah is weak
Only in vain do we speak
We preach to others to be righteous,
Conceal our devious actions,
Fulfilling our own satisfactions,
Consumed by mundane distractions.