“I am Woman”

By: Jennifer (Sumayah) Fayed

I don’t need your remorse or sympathy

I don’t have any regret or care on

How society views me.

I am no longer a statistic

A toy for men to play with

I know what I am worth

I am beautiful just the way God made me

I am a woman who is precious

Not something to be fixed, sliced,

Cut up and made to entice

Since when does beauty only matter?

I was raised and taught that

Your mind is what flatters.

I am sick… I am tired…

Women are being abused all around

I feel like I’m gonna drown!

Set me free from this despair!

Oh my God I swear!

Free the people’s errs

Why can’t they understand women?

We are valuable precious beings

We deserve to be treasured, appreciated

And loved to a degree that lifts us

From all the afflictions that we see!

Then maybe somehow we can agree

That I am a woman and I have dignity!

I submitted this poem for the MWA Poetry Contest


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