“The Qur’an”

By: Jennifer (Sumayah) Fayed

It was an amazement that I cannot explain the words so true definitely not manmade each ayah I read I knew in my heart that Allah (swt) so High had revealed every part, the Qur’an is a guide that should not be denied if you do not read you will be left behind.

It will help us achieve the life of the hereafter
For eternity in jannah will bring us laughter.
So when the month of Ramadan is near
Don’t forget to read this book which is so dear.

In it are vital lessons that will determine our succession
As Muslims in this life and the day we will be
So why not take it and read it without hesitation.
For in it is the key for our success as a nation.

Al-Qur’an it is called the words of my beloved Creator
Every ayah, and surah made only by Him no one is greater  No one but He, his name is Allah no partners has He, the One only true God.