I wrote this poem during the spring of 2003. It symbolizes the obstacles I had to overcome in New York City after becoming Muslim.

 “To Prejudice”

By: Jennifer Fayed

You think you got the best of them
Telling them how and what to think
You’re a disease spreading like a
Dough with yeast!
I suffer everyday because of you
In the train, on the street even at
The park by Bleeker Street…
 I hate what you have done
You have damaged and killed
Many dreams, you have swept
Many lives from the beginning
Of time.

You don’t got me and you never
Will I just hope that the others will
To prevail!

You definitely have a place in history
And I assure you that your lies and
Conjectures will end permanently!

You may die today or tomorrow
And only you alone will be in sorrow
You think you got the best of them
But you will see; soon it will end
And we will have victory.